UKCEH Water Apps

Web apps for the Water Resources Science Area.

Popular apps

UK Water Resources Portal thumbnail
UK Water Resources Portal

An interactive tool to monitor the UK hydrological situation in (near) real-time at a range of spatial scales. Putting the current status in a historical context.

UK Hydrological Outlooks portal thumbnail
UK Hydrological Outlooks Portal

The UK Hydrological Outlooks Portal provides interactive, dynamic access to visualise the model outputs from the Hydrological Outlook, both spatially and in the form of a number of time series.

Bloomin' Algae thumbnail
Bloomin' Algae

A Citizen Science app to help reduce public health risks from harmful algal blooms of blue-green algae.

Screenshot of FWDE around the Thames
Freshwater data explorer

This portal contains data about pressures on the environment as well as the way wildlife is responding to those pressures.

UK-SCAPE thumbnail
Hydrological sensor data integration tool

A UK-SCAPE prototype web tool for demonstrating the integration and visualisation of hydrological sensor data (often real-time) from diverse online sources.

UK Lakes portal thumbnail
UK Lakes portal

Explore over 40,000 lakes across the UK. Lake details for typology, chemistry, land cover, biology, connectivity and water quality.

Monitoring programmes

COSMOS-UK thumbnail

A long-term network of soil moisture monitoring stations for the United Kingdom providing near-real time soil moisture data.

NRFA thumbnail
National River Flow Archive

The UK's focal point for river flow data, the NRFA collates, quality controls, and archives hydrometric data from gauging station networks across the UK.

Specific apps

Climate change impacts thumbnail
Climate change impacts

Estimates of the impacts of climate change on river flood peaks across Great Britain.

Drought data hub thumbnail
Drought data hub

Browse, access and download drought data.

Drought libraries thumbnail
Drought libraries

A nationally consistent toolkit for improved resilience in the UK public water supply sector.

Low reservoir thumbnail

An interactive tool to explore the eFLaG dataset. The dataset is a set of nationally consistent climatological and hydrological projections based on UKCP18.

Drought explorer thumbnail
Historical drought inventory explorer

Search contents of the multi-sector drought inventory.

Hydrology in Sub-Saharan Africa thumbnail
Hydrology in Sub-Saharan Africa

Nowcasting and Projected future changes in river flows across Sub-Saharan Africa.

HydroSOS thumbnail
HydroSOS Demonstration Portal

WMO Hydrological Status and Outlook System

Loch Leven thumbnail
Loch Leven

Loch Leven has been monitored by UKCEH, and its predecessors, since 1968.