Land Cover Map 2007

LCM2007 builds upon the successes of the previous land cover map (LCM2000) and employs enhanced classification techniques. LCM2007 results are derived from digital cartography, refined with image segments. Deriving objects from digital cartography is advantageous as cartographic boundaries very accurately describe real-world land cover objects such as lakes, fields, settlements, industrial areas, semi-natural areas etc. This significantly improves accuracy.

LCM2007 datasets

LCM2007 is distributed in a range of data formats and at a range of thematic and spatial resolutions to supports the diverse range of applications.

The vector dataset is the most detailed of the LCM2015 data products. The vector data product is provided as polygons with each polygon having associated attribute data; these include its area, source images, Broad Habitat, and processing details. It is a large dataset and may prove unwieldy for some users.

25m raster
The 25m raster dataset is derived from the vector dataset and shows the dominant land cover based on a grid with a 25m resolution. The 25m raster dataset provides a similar level of detail to the vector dataset but without the additional attribute data and polygon boundaries.

1km raster
The 1km raster datasets are derived from the 25m raster data and are at a much reduced resolution. They are typically more appropriate for applications modelling the whole of the UK and are often combined with additional data, such as meteorological data or species distribution data.

The image below gives an indication of the level of detail in each product.

Access LCM2007 data

LCM2007 data are available from the Environmental Information Data Centre -