Previous versions

Land Cover Map 2007

LCM2007 builds upon the successes of the previous land cover map (LCM2000) and employs enhanced classification techniques. LCM2007 results are derived from digital cartography, refined with image segments. Deriving objects from digital cartography is advantageous as cartographic boundaries very accurately describe real-world land cover objects such as lakes, fields, settlements, industrial areas, semi-natural areas etc. This significantly improves accuracy.

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Land Cover Map 2000

Land Cover Map 2000 (LCM2000) updates and substantially upgrades the Land Cover Map of Great Britain (LCMGB) 1990 but also covers Northern Ireland, producing for the first time an all-UK dataset: The UK in Land Cover Map 2000.

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Land Cover Map 1990

The Land Cover Map of Great Britain 1990 (LCMGB) was the first digital land cover map for Great Britain derived from satellite imagery. LCMGB is a 25m x 25m pixel land cover product describing land cover in 1990. It was produced by automated classification techniques where each pixel is assigned to a land cover class based upon its spectral characteristics.

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